How To: Delete a single day from a series

This tutorial shows you how to remove a single day from the schedule of a repeating class or activity.

Removing a day

  1. Reveal the Delete link:
    • In the calendar view, click once on the class or activity you want to remove.
    • In the planner view, hover the cursor over the class or activity you want to remove.
  2. Click on the Delete link.
  3. Click the button that reads “Just this day”

Note that any assignments scheduled for the day you remove will be moved out to the next day, and all following assignments shifted down one day to make room.

Restoring a day that you previously removed

  1. From a day on which the class or activity is still scheduled, edit the class or activity.
  2. In the assignments tab, find the date that you would like to restore. There should be a line drawn through it.
  3. In the “More…” menu for that date, choose “Restore this date to the schedule.”

Note that when you restore a date, the assignments are not moved automatically. To shift the schedule back:

  1. Choose an assignment on the following day.
  2. In the “More…” menu for that assignment, select “Merge this day with the previous one, and shift following assignments up”
  3. In some cases, a dialog will appear entitled “Apply changes to…”. If so, choose whether to move all assignments (the default choice), or only those assignments that are shared between all the students in the class (you will almost always want to move them all).
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