How To: Create Logins for Your Students

Learn how to create logins for your students.

To create a login for a student, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the student’s profile, by clicking on his or her picture in the “My Family” panel and choosing “Edit Profile”.
  2. Select the “Login” tab, on the left side of the profile window.
  3. Make sure that the “Allow this student to log in” box is checked.
  4. Enter a unique password for this student in the Password field.
  5. Initially, students are allowed only to view their own calendar (and to mark assignments as completed).  You can allow them to edit their own calendar, and to see or edit other students’ calendars, by checking the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the Login tab.
  6. Also initially, students have access to the “widgets” feature, allowing them to select and configure any widgets they choose.  You can disable the widgets from the student’s login by unchecking the “Allow this student to see and update widgets” box.
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